Spencer b. Indiana

Healthcare & Jobs

We need more people to have jobs and get hospital checkups.

   Dear future president 

        I hope you can help with the issue with jobs and hospitals. We need at least everybody to get the shots and for school. There might be a big disease like the Spanish virus in the United States. We need to up the price per hour for jobs and have rich people pay a little tax.

        You need people to pay a .20 tax for healthcare and making people have jobs doesn't have to pay tax that they get. What if someone has cancer but doesn't have any money. They need all rich people needs to pay a tax of 20 percent to give to the hospital. 

Others need to care about this issue to have an empire for the world and save people from a cure that nobody knows. Most people don't care if anybody is sick. They only care about money and being selfish and greedy.