victoria g. Virginia

Abortion should be illegal in all states

Abortion laws should be changed for the better and not be allowed to harm an innocent child.

Hello, my name is Victoria Garcia from Eastern View High School. My topic is abortion should be illegal. I believe it should be not be allowed because its killing another human being and its not the babys fault for a womans mistakes. 

Abortion is wrong because its harming a child and a baby should not be deprived of life because a woman was not careful enough. For one, it can also hurt the mother and it causes woman to avoid repsonsibility. There are only certain cases where it is okay, but if youŕe a teenager and accidentally got pregnant, you should keep the baby. A child should not be harmed because a woman decided to have a relationship with a man no matter how early in the pregnancy they are. 

A solution is making a law for abortion to be illegal. Instead of having an avoidable abortion, woman can give the child up for adoption. Thank you our next President for listening and considering to help with this matter.