Skylar R. Virginia

Home made moon shine

Home made moon shine should be able to be made when you want to.

    This is Skylar Scott i'm sending this letter to whom this may concern. I bring to you the concern of making home made moon shine.I say to you that we should make it legal because some people like it one way and that way only. 

I think if people are allowed to make their own beer and whine then they should be able to make moon shine. I think that if people make moon shine then it should be used for personal use only not to be sold.

    The purpose of this is to help people get the freedom to make moon shine when they want to. I think that if you fix the problem than it would make a lot of people an red necks happy to live their life free. Thank you for your time and energy to read this letter i hope you put this into action soon. 

Eastern View High School

English 11 Standard

Ms. Licata's 4th block English 11 class.

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