Alexandra G. Colorado

letter to the next president

Education is very important

Dear future President,

I want to tell what you should change as president of the United States Of America. Every person her should have the same rights as each other. Everybody should have a good education and have a good school to go to every day some people don't have a good school to go learn.Education is very important because it depends on our future. We need to got to school so in the future we can have a good job and earn a good amount of money so that they can buy things they need and have a family that has what they need.There might be good schools for kids to go get a good education but many schools charge a lot of money and people that donโ€™t have a good job don't have enough money to afford school, in some schools we have to pay for fees and school supplies or even uniforms we have to take to school. Some kids don't go to school because of no money and they don't believe they need a education or that school is just not good and bad teachers and food. I know that you can make a difference on that as our future president.

sincerely ,

Alexandra Garcia