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This letter addresses America's current health state and the growth of GMOs.

Future President,

Thanks for reading this letter out of the thousands posted here. While my issue may not be as necessary to the others discussed here, I still believe it to be essential. To launch straight into my subject, America is widely known for its lack of good health choices. It is listed number 18 on a list regarding obesity from The World Factbook. While that is not first, it is far from a good place to be. The diet of Americans’ consists of many trans and saturated fats, pushed more on them by fast food companies like McDonalds and Burger King, to name a few. Our foods spare no expense when it comes to dyes, sugars/artificial sugars, and fried fats. These foods cultivate a mass of high cholesterol, heart disease, and obesity. While it could be quite challenging to take down a corporation like McDonalds, a class on correct eating habits and choices might help. Perhaps, all schools should have a unit not only dedicated to health in general, but what foods are beneficial and what ingredients/labels one should stay away from, i.e. the difference between trans and polyunsaturated fats. So, instead of running around a cone and tagging a teammate for a couple classes, children and teens can learn how to improve their health. Along with this, a ban or even a simple cutting down on ingredients like dyes, artificial sugars, unhealthful fats, and GMOs could help as well.

GMOs are another thing plaguing America’s health today. Genetically Modified Organisms do not have enough evidence yet to declare them harmful or not, but numerous articles support the idea that they are. One study in 2012 found that rats that consumed GMO corn sprayed with Herbicide Glyphosate increased the chance of carcinogenic tumors forming inside them. The pesticides programmed into the crops can be harmful to the gut bacteria, and have, along with GMOs, been shown to increase the risk of different cancers. The environment is also negatively impacted by the pollution of air and ground GMO crops and Glyphosate. Monsanto is one of the largest companies behind this. They are known to move next to small, family-owned farms, and sue them later for “stealing” their patented crop gene. In reality, the seeds from the crop blow over into the next farm (as seeds are bound to do that), and Monsanto performs regular checks on the farm until they can sue it, shut it down, and take the land. Not long ago, The Monsanto Protection Act was passed, protecting Monsanto from court decisions. I suspect you know a thing or two about dealing with corrupt businesses like Monsanto and people, Future President. In an ideal world, Monsanto would be shut down and the act repealed, and that is what I’m asking for. There is no evidence yet as GMOs have not been around long enough to find any. This American generation is the generation on whom these crops are being tested. I urge you to act on your better judgement and not to jeopardize the health of America. Thank you.


Cara Olson. 

Marlborough School

Global Connections III Honors

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