Andrew J. Georgia

Dirty Burger

Nasty school lunches need to be put to a end for the health of us students.

Dear Future President,

Imagine eating a burger, then opening it and seeing its green and red on the inside. Would you want to eat an abomination like that? I didn't think so. Today is the day you will consider changing school lunches so that they taste better and are more healthy.

Did you know $4 million of school lunch is thrown away everyday and 2 of 3 people who eat school’s horrific lunch are overweight or even obese.This is a problem in every school I've been to and I've been to at least 8 elementary schools and 1 middle school because my family moved a lot when i was younger. All of them served the same unhealthy fake and raw green burgers. I wasn't the only one who didn't enjoy school lunch. Lots of people buy school lunch and not eat it at all and throw it away. This needs to change.

I know what you're thinking “This will cost a lot of money and how will i do this?” all you need to do is change a few simple things like no more fake chicken nuggets or uncooked burgers. In the long run it will work out and you will save money. We will have healthier students and they will actually eat their lunch.

Those are the reasons you should change school lunches and i hope you consider my argument. Our health depends on you


Andrew J.