Tanner N. Alaska

Abortion and Birth Control

What's wrong with abortion and birth control laws.

Dear future President,

It would be stellar if you could look into the laws of birth control. I think if birth control products were free to everyone and paid by the government, unwanted pregnancies would decrease by quite a bit. Also, anyone should have the right to abort a baby as well. If we can prevent unwanted pregnancies, it would save potential parents a lot of money. I am a 17 year old average dude from Dillingham, Alaska.

On average, parents spend twelve thousand dollars on a baby, and that’s only in the first year. (http://www.parenting.com/article/the-cost-of-raising-a-baby). I am for the right to abort a baby because, one of the reasons why this country was created was freedom of religion, and the rules of one person’s religion should not carry over to everyone else as well; this is in the First Amendment. Another reason why this country should be pro-choice is because of the possibility of someone being raped and not wanting to give birth and/or raise a child.

On another note, I think corporations should not be considered as people, because they are owned by a person or people, and not the government. In this case, the corporation would be able to restrict health insurance coverage based upon their religious belief, but if birth control products are provided and funded by the government, people shouldn’t be worried about their corporation’s health insurance policies if it’s related to birth control, unless we are talking about abortion. I don’t think the government should pay for abortion, because if they provide birth control, no one should have a reason for an unwanted child.

In conclusion, The United States of America should supply birth control and be pro-choice for abortion; taking this away, means taking away a choice anyone should have the right to make.

Thanks for considering my opinion,

Tanner Noden