Loveah Virginia


Why do people judge other people on what they wear and how they look?

 Hi, I am Loveah and I have a problem with people judging other people.People are judging people on what they wear and how they look.   But rather than judge people on how they look or what they wear, they need to judge people on how they act. They are saying these thing to make people feel bad because they have been hurt. Like for example, when someone has on shoes that don't look as good as theirs then they say "What are those?!".   But the thing about it is that some familys don't have enough money to afford the name brand shoes and clothes. And it's not about what you have on... it's about what you have in your head. 

Andrews 21st Century Program

GPS 21st Century Afterschool Program

These Middle School Students are from Hunter B Andrews PreK-8th grade afterschool program, Gators Presidential Scholars (GPS). Hunter B. Andrews is located in Hampton, Virginia, and the program is directed by Alternatives, Inc.

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