Cameron D. Virginia

Black Lives Matter

Violence Toward Police

Dear future President, when you become the next President of the United States, I'd like you to address the issue on black lives matter. Black lives matter, and any other race related group in America are representing an issue in America today. Many African Americans lost their lives by Police officers. There are some cases that it is police brutality, and some cases are just complete accidents. This issue has gotten so bad that police officers have lost their lives as well from angry Black lives matter believers. Black lives matter is a very legitimate organization, but what gives them the right to harm our policemen and women as well? 

Some African Americans have a right to be mad with police officers, but not all policeman and women are bad. There are plenty of good policemen and women out there risking their lives and protecting us when they don't even have to. Policemen and women are now being targeted and killed. In Dallas four police officer were shot and killed during a black lives matter protest. The man who shot them was an African American who tried to inflict harm on police officers, he chose to kill them by acting like it was revenge for all the other African Americans killed by Police Officers. Yes, some police officers have shot and killed African American lives. And Yes, some innocent lives were wrongfully taken away by police officers. But since when do two wrongs make a right. Is that were we have come to in America now? 

We need to come together as a nation, as Americans. Not as white people, black people, Latino people but as humans beings. As a President of the United States you need to bring this country back together. We are now divided by hate. We need to stop labeling each other by black, white, Latino, and label each other as Americans. We are all Americans here, but we have to choose what kind of America we are gonna be. What Americans will represent for this planet. Thank you for your time, and god bless!! 

Eastern View High School

English 11 Honors

This is the group for Ms. Licata's block 3 11 Honors class.

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