Dear Presidential Candidate

Dear Presidential Candidate, I feel that individuality will be taken away from the people. They will not be themselves anymore. And what I meant by that is act like everybody else. Same personality. I believe people should have there own way of acting and not being so called “normal”. They will start to all look the same, by dressing the same. Then there will be no such thing as Individuality. I also believe there should be Gender individuality. What I mean by that would be the boys act a certain way and so do the girls. My examples would be the boys (men) would be the workers. They would go to work and come home to their wife. As the girls (woman) would be stay at home wifes. Stay home and clean, watch T.V all day. I feel that should not be that way, but the technology now these days will hook anyone in all day. I will get into that later but yes I feel like that will be taken away from us too. About the cell phones and technology, I feel will be taken way too far. Right now the technology is terrible. I see 5 year olds with cell phones and Ipads. They should be at the park and have fun not be stuck to an electronic. I feel that it will get to the point that when you even try to make conversation about something it’s going to have to go with the show that they are watching not about reality or what actually happening to them in person. The last thing that I feel should be fixed is ‘violence for public image/active shooter’ which I know we can’t stop people from harming others because we don’t always know when they are going to do it but, I feel we should try and help it because so many people die from people harming others. Kinda how terrorism is happening. I hate that we do nothing about it, maybe we put it on the news and share it to the world. But, all that does is make everyone go crazy and get scared. These are truly what I believe in. I believe we should all be our own person . Sure, we are all human but each and every single one of us has our own flaw and our own different part of us weather it’s on the inside or outside.