Hank W. Virginia


Gun Control is strict enough as it is and it doesn't need to be even more strict, it should stay how it is.

 Hello I am a son of a hardworking tax paying family. I am a proud American, and I like my freedom, what I DON'T like is people trying to take away my guns. I believe that the 2nd amendment should stay where its at and not go anywhere, Americans deserve the right to bare arms. 

  Americans deserve the right to bare arms because a lot of people rely on their guns for protection. Another reason is because some people use their guns to get food to put on their family's table. The last reason is that we have had the 2nd amendment for hundreds of years, so why change it now?                                                                                                                                                                                              Yes we do have a lot of crime in our urban areas of but that is the only places we need to crackdown on the gun laws. Thank you Mr/Mrs. President for taking the time to reading my letter. 

Eastern View High School

English 11 Standard

Ms. Licata's 4th block English 11 class.

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