Asia B. North Dakota

Workers Discrimination

Workers are rejected by several people based on their attire and/or race.

Dear Sir or Madam President,

Unique people that go to a job interview to apply for their dream job are often rejected by the managers, based off several unreasonable reasons. This is called workers discrimination. A young woman named Mary, has is questioned about a specific tattoo she was getting. According to the Daily Record, Mary’s tattooist told her, that having visible tattoos may affect her future chances of employment. He announced this to her in case she goes to apply for a job and the manager sees that she is inked up and might not hire her.

Next, once the rejected women/man goes to apply for another job they have to work for a low-paying job. When they choose a low-paying job as a second option, that will not help out the fact that they either; help out at home, take care of their children or even just live on their own. In the Politics of Poverty, it explains that,” With more than 4 in 10 children who start life at the bottom of the income distribution staying at the bottom in adulthood. ” Children that live their lives like this tend to grow up and make the same mistake their parents made.

In conclusion, I think all races, all unique human beings of mankind deserve a better way to live out their lives instead of being afraid of what is inked onto their skin.

Magic City Campus

Thomas - Jr English 2

Mr. Thomas' 2nd Hour Junior English

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