Gisselle V. California

Pure Judgement

There's a stereotype that needs to be changed, girls can do whatever they want without having people judge on the way we do certain things.

Dear President,

As I began to get older, I constantly get looked at with a face full of judgement. Maybe I've been looked at this way my whole life, but not until now I notice. No matter what I do or how I act, I feel quite intimidated and that needs to be changed. Why is it that we live in a society where girls are a "distraction" towards men. For example, the dress codes us girls have during school and in my case, LAUSD. It's somewhat ridiculous and I think we should help make a change. What I mean by change is allowing girls to feel more comfortable with what they choose to be doing. If it's by the way they act or the way they dress. It's out style and personality that doesn't need a label of judgement.

All my life, my parents would tell me how I need to be careful with my actions and it's grown upon me. I get constant reminders of things I already know, but I realized they told me for safety. I then wondered what if this stereotype of men towards women never existed? Would this constant reminder still be announced? In my opinion, it wouldn't. There would be no one to blame on why we aren't allowed to do/wear certain things and it wouldn't even cross our mind.  

Therefore in my opinion I think this is a serious issue that needs to be discussed more often. The way we view things is quite upsetting and the intimidation we begin to feel when we get looked at is not acceptable. You get criticized for the way you act and it's not fair to live in a world we made full of judgment.