Natasha E. Pennsylvania

Feminism: Destruction and Brainwashing of the Younger Generation

Woman are often lead to believe that feminism promotes and builds women to be strong characters, and at one time it did. Presently, however, in the United States there is no need for feminism. Modern feminism only tells women they are not capable of and unable to succeed through its underlying message of selfishness. Government must stop giving attention to the feminists' misinterpretations and show them how to make choices for success. Women must start focusing on what they know, not how they feel about personal matters in order to succeed.

Dear President of the United States:

Women in America are extremely privileged. The fact that radical feminists try to argue that they are oppressed and unequal to men in the United States shows how uneducated, ignorant and selfish they are. Women in the United States are not underprivileged, nor are they being discriminated against (Kyle Smith, 2013). Feminists do not care about the well-being of women. If they did, they would be focused on improving conditions for women in the Middle East and Asia where culture and religion cause the public to believe women are objects, rather than standing in the street outside of the White House yelling, waving signs, and treating all men with cruelty, unless they comply to the feministic delusion. Then they complain about their biology and how it causes them to be jobless, overweight, and oppressed by men. Feminism in the twenty-first century is a selfish stance woman, and sometimes men, take to victimize themselves and blame others for their own personal problems.

It is time America stops listening to feminists and begins to focus on issues that are not already solved. Feminism is a problem for those who want attention and those who act as though they are victims of some terrible tragedy. There will never be a solution for the problems radical feminists claim to face until they receive the answer they want to hear.

One issue that must first be addressed is the gender wage gap. This gap, that doesn’t occur, is one that feminists think is allowing males to earn more money than females, for the same amount of labor. If one looks solely at statistics then yes, one will see that there is a difference between the amount of money women make and the amount of money men make. However, what statistics fail to show is the time that women take off for maternity leave, their children, and the differences in career choices between women and men (Ashe Schow, 2016). For example, more men work in the industry of physics and engineering than women. People who work in these branches of business are paid well. Nothing and no one is holding back women from pursuing careers in physics and engineering (Milo Yiannopoulos, 2015). It is simply by their own choice that they do not pursue this. Feminists promote the statistics of differences in wages, but do not state the reason behind this gap. They also fail to tell the public that men pay more taxes than women are required to (Victoria University, 2016). This leads to a brain washing of the public into thinking a gender wage gap does indeed occur, but research and logic prove this to be a myth and to be another misinterpretation feminism has created.

The feminist’s view on Islam is also very confusing, as they support a religion in which there is justification for oppression against women. Sura 2:282, 4:3, and 4:24 are all verses within the Qur’an that state openly that females are property, a woman’s testimony is only worth half of a man’s testimony, and female slaves may be used however the slaveholder wishes (The Religion of Peace, 2016). These are only a few of the fearful verses Islam’s holy book, the Qur’an, offers about the female gender. Many feminists do not support Christianity, a religion that supports women, but they support Islam, a religion that justifies mistreatment of women (The Religion of Peace, 2016). The contradiction within the feminist’s logic is not understandable and also proves that the feminists in the United States do not care for women.

Another issue with modern day feminism is its promotion of fat acceptance. This movement is one that tells young women it is not their fault that they are overweight. Fat shaming is wrong and should be handled appropriately. Encouraging morbidly obese women to lose weight is not hate speech, and will make a woman feel more confident about her body. Many feminists will argue that if a person is not experiencing health problems that are connected directly to her weight, then being overweight is healthy and natural. This, however, is like stating that because a smoker does not have lung cancer, it is okay that he or she has black lungs (Meme Roth, 2012). Feminists use fat acceptance as yet another way to victimize themselves and make it seem as if they are oppressed. Feminism denies the obvious facts about the dangers of obesity. The future physical effects of being overweight will be much more severe than the temporary emotional effects of fat shaming.

Fourth, feminism’s justification for abortion is selfish, shameful, and disgusting. Abortion makes a woman no longer pregnant, but what feminists try to cover up is that it also makes a woman the mother of a dead baby. The result of this choice causes more pain than carrying a baby for nine months and then putting the child into adoption. Research has shown that a significant number of women experience post-traumatic stress syndrome after having an abortion (Students for Life of America, 2016). A baby being inconvenient at a certain time in a woman’s life is never an excuse to terminate that pregnancy. Every life is beautiful and every life has a purpose. A little “clump of cells” is still a person even though it is not fully developed yet. Feminism makes abortion seem like a good choice for women who want to follow their dreams, but what feminism is really telling women is that they cannot give their child life and still follow their dreams (Sarah Palin, pg. 153). They are telling women that they are not smart enough or capable of both taking care of themselves and a baby (Sarah Palin, pg. 153). Feminism is only causing women to become weak and unable to make smart moral decisions.

The countless reasons that feminists use to receive attention are selfish and deceptive. Women are only showing the United States how insecure and emotionally weak they are when they participate in feminism. Women are meant to be strong characters, but feminism is transforming young women into insecure, delicate, obnoxious monsters who are ready to devour anyone or anything that they feel even slightly offended by. America must stop focusing on these individuals and realize where the real problems exist. Feminists only cause drama that diverts the government’s attention from issues that must be put first. There is no true need for feminism in the United States, therefore their delusions should not be brought into government. Feminists do not want to care for and protect women. They only seek attention and something or someone to blame their personal problems on.

America must be preserved. Feminism is divisive and exclusive because of the underlying message of selfishness their actions and beliefs present. Feminism must stop receiving attention from the government, and the government must help these women to realize where they are wrong. This is the only solution that will provide protection, security, and hope for all women in America. America must teach women how to make real choices for success.


Natasha E.

Lower Dauphin High School

Mrs. Morgret's 9th grade Honors English students

Periods 4 and 5/6 from Lower Dauphin High School

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