Trinity D. North Dakota

United States Issues

Addresses the issues of war and coal. If these issues can be fixed, the U.S. will become a better place.

Dear Future President,

There are plenty of issues that people deal with here in the United States, and I think you, as the future president, should try fixing them. The two topics I want to address to you are war and coal. War doesn't just kill people, it tears up families,damages soldiers from PTSD, and it is expensive. Coal on the other hand is important for us because it is the cheapest and most efficient power source and it has a lot of job opportunities.

According to, 4,486 American soldiers died in the war in Iraq, 2,345 in Afghanistan, and 1 million U.S. soldiers were wounded in both wars. People who suffer from PTSD have nightmares and also flashbacks of events that have had happened in the past. Therefore, these soldiers have trouble living a normal life. Lastly, war is expensive. Instead of citizens paying for guns, ammo, tanks, etc... We the people should be building schools and helping to educate the future kids of America.

Coal is an important factor for people in the U.S. Many students have a parent or parents that are involved with the coal plants. If these places would shut down, everyone would have to leave and find new jobs. This means that the towns that are based off these businesses would be wiped out. Coal is the cheapest and most efficient power source and it should be saved.

These are some of the major issues that we deal with here in the United States. I hope you as president will at least consider fixing them. Thank you for taking the time to read my letter.


Trinity D