Sreeprada Pennsylvania


Clean water is important to everyone.

October 13, 2016

Dear Future President,

The topic I am writing to you about is clean water. Clean water is water safe enough to drink, and many parts of the world don't have it.

Did you know that in India, hundreds of people don't have access to fresh, clean drinking water. Therefore, many of the poor there live in terrible conditions. Safe drinking water sent to them might make their lives better. Almost 1.5 million kids are dying each year due to the lack of fresh water in their regions and countries. Many women and children, a lot of them in Asia and Africa, walk dangerous paths of 3.7 miles or even more just to collect water, and some of it isn't even safe to drink! About 85% of the world population has very little access to clean water. 783 million people don’t have clean water at all, and 6-8 million people die every year because of water-related problems.

I propose that you start charities to collect water in different communities, and send them off to the places/countries that needs it. The charities could include filters, fresh water bottles. Water is an important resource to everyone. Let's help the world be a better place!



Keith Valley Middle School

Sixth Grade Social Studies at KV

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