Trinity Wisconsin

Abortion needs to be Illegal

We need to stop killing unborn babies. It is not right.

Dear Future President,

Abortion needs to be illegal because nobody should be able to choose to kill an innocent human being.  We could save thousands of lives that are not only valuable to us, but are valuable to others as well. We need to think about how babies and children are the future and need to be taken care of properly. We could have saved another Einstein or Gabby Douglas if not for abortion.

Abortion should be illegal because it is murder. How is killing unborn babies any different from killing any other child? According to Abortion, there is a federal unborn victims of violence act that is there to protect unborn children from assault and murder. If this is so, wouldn't abortion be going against this act?

Abortion should also be illegal because, according to, babies are considered "God's gifts." If we kill unborn babies, aren't we acting against the maker of the world? Children are the future and if we allow abortion, soon a lot of kids will think it is okay to kill unborn babies. If that continues to happen, there will be a major decrease in our population.

Lastly, abortion needs to be illegal because many women choose to go through abortion because they don't want to take care of a child anymore. If this is so, there is always the option of adoption where the child could go to a good home. Many parents who can't have children would love to have a baby to raise as their own. Even parents who can have children would rather adopt than have kids of their own. My own family has 8 kids, but are thinking about adopting another sibling.

If you say that abortion is okay, then think about how your mother chose not to kill you when you were not born yet. You would not be here today if she chose to go through abortion. By making abortion illegal, we would be stronger together and make America great again. Abortion is a big issue, and in my opinion, it is a horrible thing to do to a living, innocent child and needs to be illegal.


Trinity R.