Roy thoughts on police brutalty Pennsylvania

My thoughts on police brutality

A letter by Roy Acevedo

Dear president,

       My name is Roy and I live in Philadelphia.I go to Olney Charter High school.I am discussing police brutality.This is important to me because a lot of innocent people are dying because of police brutality.And it's making a lot of people angry.I will be talking about police brutality,innocent people dying by police,people getting beaten by police.

      I am not the only one experiencing police brutality;in fact,more than 920 people have been killed by the police in 2015.Let me tell you about how I saw police brutality.One day I was walking to my house from school,and I saw something strange.There was a lot of people on my block looking at something.I went to check it out,and i saw a white police officer.The police officer was beating a puerto rican guy up,i was supprised.I thought aint cops suppose to keep us safe not hurt us.People were saying,stop dont hurt him,im going to report you and I felt bad for the guy getting beat up.This example show why you should give consequences to cops when they beat innocent people up.

       The statistics surrounding the 920 people that died represent the real people that suffer because of police brutality.Let me tell you about how a kid was shot dead by a police officer.A 13 year old african american was shot multiple times.Supposedly the boy had a bb gun that looked like a real gun and the police officer shot him multiple times.This could have been handled different without the kid dying.The cop could of told the boy to freeze and put the gun down.Or the officer could of tazed the kid without hurting him.There are multiple ways to handle this problem and the cop didn't think straight and shot the boy dead.This is one reason why you should give less power to cops and make them go to jail if they kill someone innocent.

          you haven't experienced police brutality like i have you might not understand.But consider this.Let me tell you about how a innocent black male was shot by a white officer.Terence crutcher who was shot once and killed by betty shelby a white police officer Mr.crutcher was raising his hands,walking toward a car and leaning against it.Then he was tasered by one officer shelby Mr.crutcher was unarmed and did not have a weapon in his vehicle.Supposedly the officer said he had a gun,he wasn't following the orders,he put his hands in his pocket and reached inside the car.Also,another officer said he looked like a bad dude.This is one reason why you should give strict laws to officer and send them to better training programs.

       Police brutality is important to me because a lot of people are getting beat and killed by police and it's affecting our country in a bad way. Everyone should care about this because your family member might get killed or beaten by a police officer if this issue doesn't get solved.You can address this issue by giving police officers more strick laws and less rights,For example if they kill an innocent person they should go to jail just like a murder will.I hope that police brutality is solved in the future and are country will be more safe then before and less violent.