David M. Michigan

Immigration Changes Are a Must

Immigration is not a good thing for America, and I have a way to fix our immigration issues

Dear Mr or Mrs President,

There are too many immigrants in America. Something must be done to limit the amount of legal and illegal immigrants that are allowed into the country. Immigration should be reformed and be made more strict when it comes to allowing legal immigrants into the country, as well as make it more difficult for illegal immigrants to get here Illegally.

Were wasting a lot of money on low income and illegal immigrant families. According to WND.com there are 53.8 Million Immigrants in America right now, 11.5 Million of which are here illegally. For these legal and nonlegal immigrant families, there are nearly 80 programs that provide food, housing, cash, and medical services to low income immigrant families, for greatly reduced price, or even free. This just goes to show that we have too many Immigrants and that they’re bleeding the economy. We could be using these funds for other needs, including rebuilding our school systems or providing jobs for veterans; both large issues within the US. Plus the National Alliance to End Homelessness Reports that 1 in every 200 people are homeless. This Evidence displays that America has trouble taking care of it’s own citizens in need.

The cause of this wave of Immigration is the lax immigration rules and unenforced anti-Immigration laws and regulations. In addition to this, Roy Beck a writer for the Washington Post says “Many Immigrants claim to be here “to have a better life” when in reality they work a low paying job, sit on their ass’s, and wait for their government checks to come in the mail”. This evidence is showing that we present a false sense of hope for these people, and we simply don’t have enough financial stability to provide a living income and assistance for them.

This major Immigration reform would affect everyone in the U.S. From the Low paying employers who gain money off paying their Immigrant workers the least that they can, To the unemployed Citizen who can't find a job because they’re all taken by immigrants who work low paying jobs that just live off of government checks. This also would boost the American Born employment rate because they would have to compete less with Immigrants. Plus an article written by Malia Zimmerman a reporter for Fox News stated that “An Immigration reform would reduce crime because illegal Immigrants alone, which are only about 3% of the Us population, Are responsible for 13.6% of all crime sentences. There are also responsible for 12% of Murders, 16% of Drug Trafficking, and 20% of Kidnapping in the U.S.”

According to Seth Millstein a writer for Bustle, an argument to support Immigration is that helping Illegal Immigrants get citizenship would help America’s economic trouble and increase the production and jobs in the work force. When in reality with the research provided that is not at all the case.

There are several plans that could be put into place to aid the ongoing immigration issue. On a recent survey amongst my peers, 65% off all responses said Immigration should be more strict, 25% of which said much more strict. is Making the laws regarding Immigration much more strict. The government should pass new laws or change existing laws to reduce the amount of Immigrants that are allowed legally into the U.S. each year. The government should also change where it's money is being sent. Instead of using money on food stamps and free housing for Immigrants, the money should be used to build and enforce more guard stations along the US/Mexico Border to reduce incoming illegal Immigrants and then deport existing illegal Immigrant back to their native country.

Immigrants are bleeding this country’s economy, then filling our streets with crime to pay us back. This country should rid itself of the vermin that infect it and make it worse for the American people. In the words of Candidate Donald Trump, “Immigration reform should mean something else entirely: it should mean improvements to our laws and policies to make life better for American citizens."


David Moss, Michigan


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