Karolina P. Florida

The Understatement of Our Enviroment

You must be aware of what is happening around you, especially about something as important and essential as our environment.

Dear Future President

The election is right around the corner, and I thought it would be important to me as a citizen of this country and as a human being, just to inform you of how important our environment is and how seriously you should take on this matter. I have taken notice that during this election there has not been a lot of talk about our environment, mostly because it has been overshadowed by topics such as immigration and economy.

The environment is a big problem, and we have yet to have a president who engages more on this issue to better our country. As a president, you have the power in your hands to make a real difference. YES, climate change is a real thing, it isn’t something made up for attention, and we must act on it now. What’s the point in developing such a prestigious, and strong country if it will not be around for long? I’d like you to think of this country as your home rather than a place of great achievements and crime.

Such a topic as the environment is forever changing, it is something that is happening right now, and its need for attention is very urgent. I’d like to one day be proud to say that I live in a country, who not only cares about the present but the future just as much. I hope that as our next president you will enforce education in schools about how to improve our environment. If we can’t enforce new laws and ways to help the planet for our generation, we should do so for the next. I understand that habits are hard to break and that it might be too late for our generation, but that should not be an excuse to give up. It should be taken as motivation. We need to conserve our land and water, protect our agriculture and oceans, and eliminate waste.

Dear future president, please don’t let our country fall when we do.

Mourning Senior High School

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