Ian Schall Michigan

Ideas to President

Dear Sir/Madam, I am writing this letter bringing light upon the quite controversial subject of immigration. Personally, I believe your ways of resolving this are relatively good, maybe holes in the plan in some places of the plans. But, I believe I have some views of my own on these subjects, and some could even help. This shall be a list of what my plans are if I were in control.

If I were president, I would amount the immigrants coming into the country. Not quite get them all out, but get them to all pay a fee of some sort. If there are fees, then there shall be less coming into the country, and more possibly working to get in. If they do not have the money at first, they should still be able to find a way to gain citizenship in the United States. I believe everyone has a right to enter the United States, but it must have a cost, or there would be no stop to immigrants getting into the country.

I would still deport all the illegal immigrants that have found their way into the system one way or another. When they do get deported, I believe they should still have a chance to become part of the nation, unless they have committed crimes within the country, then they shall be outcasted for life. These crimes, however, shall only count if they are highly serious, such as murder, or if they affect the entire country, such as treason.

As for border security and patrol, I believe it should be increased. More and more immigrants are entering the country illegally, and they should be stopped. I believe this because the more immigrants get in, the more living space and jobs they take up, leaving the actual citizens possibly in need. If these people really want to be in this country, they need to pay, and become a full citizen.

For a final opinion and statement, I believe children that came illegally with their parents should be welcomed to the nation. Seeing as the child or children had no say in what their parents did, therefore, none of it is their fault. This especially applies to children that are born from illegal immigrants on U.S. soil.

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