Elise M. Michigan

The Page on Equal Wage

In the United States the is a wage gap based on gender that shouldn't be there, everyone should get equal pay for equal work. With that change the economy would be very prosperous.

Dear Future President,

I am writing this letter to bring forth and make the problem of the wage gap known. I want you to realize that people more specifically women aren't getting paid equally for equal work. Although I don’t have a job, I think that everyone no matter what should receive equal pay for equal work. So that when I begin to work or anyone for that matter doesn't have to think about gender, age or race. There have not been huge problems pertaining to this issue and at the rate things are going there might not even be equal pay until the year 2058 according to an article I read by Danielle Paquette.

Over the last few decades the gender wage gap has been slowly but surely getting smaller. Its is taking way too long to be equal. In the 70’s women made about 60 percent of a man's salary for the same job, in the 80’s about 62 percent and the 90’s to current time women make about 77 percent. So there has obviously been an increase in salary but an increase is just not enough.

Imagine a place where there are happy and successful workers, men are happy, women are happy and their is no confusion on who makes more or less money at the job. The employers don't have to be concerned about any one of their employees want to quit. When I grow up I don't want to have to worry about doing the same job as someone else and still making less that any of my make co workers. I want to go to work carefree and happy about my employment. I’m pretty sure plenty of other people want the same because this is a type of issue that matters.

Some may ask, “why does equal pay even matter” and it's because the nature of work is changing and employment is becoming more fluid and with that shift wages are becoming more important to people. Finding the right talent for the right jobs and keeping it is not as easy as it used to be the work field is becoming more and more competitive.

It’s your job as president to help. In order to have a prosperous country jobs need to be available and everyone need to get paid the same amount when acting on the same job. Are you willing sacrifice an even bigger drop in the economy? Do you want unhappy workers? Or will this next term just be about negativity and job depreciation? Our country is under the power and control of you. We need you help make the wise choice. Close the wage gap for a prosperous economy.


Elise M.

Royal Oak High School

Royal Oak Ravens

High school juniors and seniors from Royal Oak, Michigan.

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