Alyson C. Michigan

Stop the bullying

There are more ways to bully now and the effects are greater than ever.

Dear Future President,

There is a very big problem in schools today, bullying. This is a very important issue because bullying doesn't only affect schools, it can affect neighborhoods and even some communities. Also it has an impact on lots lots of lives. According to it has an impact on people's lives because with bullying it can affect a person's self esteem like depression, and feeling like you are worthless. With this these feelings can last long into adulthood, also victims of long term bullying as adults could have problems trusting others, keeping friends, and lacks confidence.

Last year when I was in 8th grade I would get bullied by lots of different people and I didn’t even know half of them. One time I got bullied in class, and the teacher didn’t do really anything about it. That day we were taking a test and the girl next to me got done before me and she started talking kind of loud, and started playing her music. I asked her if she could be a little quiet so I could finish the test and she did, the first time. A couple minutes later she started again and I asked her if she could be quiet again and this time she started calling me a bitch and she started calling me dumb and all the teacher did was move her, but she still continued. This is relevant to this because this affected my school life by making me unsure if really I could talk or just say something to someone without making them mad. This shows that bullying can cause second guessing, and lots of confusion

According to stop bullying affects a lot of people, it not only affects the victims of it but also the people that do it and the people that see it. According to the website stop bullying affects the victims of it by negative physical, school, and mental health issues. Also, decreased academic achievement—GPA and standardized test scores—and school participation. They are more likely to miss, skip, or drop out of school. Also health complaints like anxiety, backaches, depression, dizziness, headaches,injuries that require medical care, irritability, sleeping difficulties, stomachaches, suicidal attempts, and suicide. This is relevant because this shows how bullying affects people it happen to. Also bullying also affects bystanders. The effects to bystanders are to have increased use of tobacco, alcohol, or other drugs ,have increased mental health problems, including depression and anxiety ,miss or skip school. This is important because bullying can affect other people even if they aren't the bully or the victim

There are five things that cause a bully. according to no one is the the bully comes from a dysfunctional families, also the feeling to be in control, Bullying behavior gets rewarded, they don't care how others feel and they can’t regulate their emotions. The effects of bullying to a bully is that they could abuse alcohol and other drugs in adolescence and as adults get into fights, vandalize property, and drop out of school, have criminal convictions and traffic citations as adults, be abusive toward their spouses, or children as adults. This is relevant to this because this shows that bullies don’t just come out of thin air they usually have a cause for why they bully and it is usually a personal cause.

Bullying is a huge problem in the United States. It is causing some people their education, and even their lives. That's right bullying is one of the main reasons of suicide. What I think you should do is maybe help schools keep bullying under control or set a better example for us. With everything going on the two candidates aren't setting a good example for us.


A concerned freshman