Erik G. California


In the U.S. conserving water is as important as breathing air and soon we will run out.

Dear President,

I’m sure you know there is a lot going on in the country and there aren’t many answers to them and some do have answers but it’ll be difficult to solve them. There has been this problem of having drought in the country and it is getting worse. We are using water faster than it can be produced which is bad. In many crops there a lot of water being used like grazing grass, livestock, cotton, soybeans, wheat, fodder crops, and coffee are ones that use a high amount of water. All of that plus how much an American uses daily as in drinking water, brushing their teeth, and showering. That’s a lot of water there are 324,118,787 that use water everyday.

Now we passed the problems now we can get to answers suggestions I have are putting limits to washing cars, limits to water parks, and limits on watering grass. Many may not be agreeing on me, but you need to look at it from a different perspective so would you want sorta yellowish grass or dirty water coming from public water fountains, or not being able to even use a water fountain anymore. It is pretty scary to think that Lake Mead that could supply 22 million people and it could all dry up by 2021 a little more than ten years.

So President, I have gave you a problem in our country and also gave you ideas on how to fix you may have many more ideas so i would like to see what you can do about. Solving this problem in the country will be really helpful to the 324,118,787 people in the country.





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