Lougan m. California

Common Core Should be Removed

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  Dear Trump,

           Common Core is ruining kids live. It creates confusion and frustration in school. It also is hard for kids that have a hard time learning. Common Core was introduced in 2009 by state leaders. I think education should be controlled locally not by the government who don't actually see what it does. 

          Common Core affects children in elementary and middle school. It makes learning harder and makes teaching not as effective. It makes it harder for parents to help there kids with there homework. With its new vocabulary and new technics confuses them because they haven't learned the weird ways of Common Core. Teachers also have to change their teaching ways to work with the Common Core standards. This might lead to confusion and make the teacher frustrated.

           We can solve this problem by letting the state or something more local to the schools. When the government controls education they don't look at what happens to the schools, they only look at the overall statistics. When it's local it might allow teachers to teach there own ways which would allow them to teach there own ways so they could try to entise the students to love learning.

           All in all I think that Common Core should be eliminated because of the effects it has on learning. Education shouldn't be controlled by the central government. Educatio is the path to the future, if it's bad then our country's future will suffer. As pesident I hope you can fix this.      


Lougan M.

Peterson Middle School

8th Grade ELA

Middle School students from 8th Grade English

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