Grace M. Illinois

PARCC spelled backwards is CCRAP

Dear Future President, I would like tell you about why I feel that Common Core and PARCC testing should no longer be used in America. While there may be positive aspects of using Common Core standards and PARCC assessments, they are not the most effective way to teach and assess students. Personally, as a teenager with Dyslexia and ADD, I find it unfair to teach and assess all students in the same way. This puts students, like myself, at an unfair disadvantage. I feel it is important to the future of education that we make changes to make sure every student is taught and assessed in a way that works best for them. According to the Common Core State Standards Initiative, Common Core is meant to make sure that all students across America are taught what they need to know by the end of each grade level. While this idea is great, the standards are not always achievable for all students. More importantly, for students like me, there is no modified test for the Common Core standards, meaning that all students, including students with learning disabilities, have to take the same tests. As discussed by Derrick Meador, in "What are some Pros and Cons of the Common Core State Standards?", “The Common Core State Standards has led to an increased value on standardized test performance”. PARCC testing, in addition to Common Core, can take an emotional toll on students. I have personally felt the frustrations of PARCC testing. The demands that these tests place on students can be very stressful, and more importantly do not even accurately show the student’s true understanding of the subject. Sometimes, states and/or cities are even forced or threatened to use PARCC and Common Core! According to "10 Reasons to Refuse the PARCC Test for Your Child" number 7 on the list says “School districts have been bullied into accepting PARCC and the Common Core – and residents have been failed by their elected leaders who signed on to it. When Chicago Public Schools announced they could not and would not administer PARCC this year, they were threatened with losing up to $1 billion in funding.” Common Core and PARCC testing seems to be more challenging than they need to be. While it may be beneficial to some students, it is not fair to make all students participate in it. Common Core and PARCC testing simply do not work for everyone. Therefore, I ask that you, as our new President, find a better way to educate students in America. Thanks, Grace Morrissey Illinois