Julian R New Mexico

Gay Rights

This is about gay rights

Dear Future President,

I'm Julian; I am a sophomore in high school in Albuquerque, NM. I want to talk about gay rights because it is very important to me. Why I am concerned is because I have personal experience with stuff like this.  It started when I ended up in foster care when I was 2 years old. I kept moving around and around then I met these two parents; they are homosexuals. At first, I thought I was not going to get along with them. But look at me now I'm living in their home; they took me in.

An example of someone who is not supporting gay rights is Kim Davis in Kentucky even though it is legal there she denied their rights and she is an elected official. I've been around gay people all my life but I've never lived with one gays have feeling to because I live with gays. I feel more comfortable talking to them about anything since I've been with them. I support gays a lot; I've been in the pride parade. People also reject gays to adopt children because there gay this is really messed up in a way because people need love. When people walk by and see gay people and lesbians together they should get over with it because love is love no matter what.  If people are created equal then why are we treating gay differently.

Thank you for your service, future President. I appreciate you for reading my letter. I hope to hear back from you soon. I hope you can make the world better because this is really important to me. I hope you will address this problem with you workers at the White House. I look forward to see how you address this problem.

Sincerely, Julian S