Parriss M. New Mexico


Dear Future President,

My name is Parriss, and I live in Albuquerque, New Mexico. I'm writing this letter to talk about my thoughts on a topic that is important: abortion. Many people think that women shouldn't be allowed to get an abortion, but what if you really need one? The reason for the amount of abortions in the past three years have either been because of getting raped or not being able to take care of that child. If you are raped shouldn't you be able to have that choice of having that child or not? It wasn't their choice for that to happen so by saying they're not allowed to have a decision in something that can majorly impact their life and that they should be punished if they do get an abortion is kind of crazy.

I feel that women should be allowed to get an abortion no matter the reason because why should we force someone to have a child that they donโ€™t want. Not everyone has money, a home, and food for themselves so how would they be able to provide for that child you're going to be forced to have. Having a child should be a happy moment for someone not something to be sad about, and by making someone "pay" for a mistake is wrong.

Thank you for your time and for reading my letter on this topic which I care about, and I hope that you address this issue during your term.