Paul D. New Mexico



 Dear Future President 

  I'm Paul; I live in Albuquerque, NM. I'm a sophomore, and I play in the marching band; I play the baritone. My topic is abortion because the abortion clinics kill about 1.3 million fetuses a year; that's 1.3 million humans beings killed before they even see the world a year, and  50 million abortions happened in america since it was legalized in 1973. I am pro-life, as long is not rape or incest or both, but people who have had legal sex should keep their baby because  the baby should not suffer, but you should suffer the consequences of not having safe sex and doesn't matter what age you are it's your fault for not thinking about the consequences of having unsafe sex.  

   More than 1.3 million unborn babies are aborted a year; that's more than 1.3 million people not seeing the world because teens and young adults can't keep it in their pants,also wear a condom so abortions don't have to happen or once in a while they happen. Most people who have abortions are white people(52.6%) , never married (82.8%) , 25 years old( 49.8%) and have no children(41%); this fits with my opinions because I said that young adults have abortions  a lot more abortions  because they are not ready for a child yet. America is one of seven countries that allow abortion after 20 weeks ;out of 198, also only 59 countries allow abortion 9 countries only allow abortion before the 12th week. 36 countries limit elective abortion at 12 weeks, six countries limit elective abortion to 20 weeks gestation, one country (Australia) allows its state/territories to decide abortion limits, and seven countries allow elective abortion past 20 weeks or have no limit. the other countries (139) you must have a reason like health reasons or rape

       Thank you for considering this letter, and I hope you try to unite our nation.  Also, I hope you pick pro life Supreme Court justices and make abortion illegal under legal sex and not rape because your baby shouldn't suffer the consequences.