To our Next President

I ask...

To our Next President,

I ask that you treat every person, man or woman, old or young, high-income or low-income, black or white or any other race, the way you would like your president to treat you. I ask that you keep in mind that the United States is a nation of fighters built based on the fight of our forefathers and all those that have followed. I ask that you make decisions based on the benefit of what we fight for instead of the bystanders. Make decisions to benefit those fighting for equality whether it be gender or race or circumstance. Make decisions for the people now and to benefit the people yet to come. Take into account how it will affect the people of this great nation before you make changes. I ask that you fill your cabinet and employ your staff with people immensely qualified for the position. Supply them with the resources they need to change the country for the better. I ask that you listen to people with opinions that contradict your own and really work to understand the benefit this person could offer instead of dismissing them. Give them the respect they deserve as a human being and take their stance into account and decide based on how something will best affect the people, not how it will affect your personal agenda. Please, work actively to improve the lives of those in our nation as well as welcome and protect people fleeing in terror from oppressive countries and governments. Help them to meet the criteria necessary to become American because we do not stand by while others suffer. We get involved and we work to make situations better. Help lessen the gap between men and women in the work force. Women achieved the right to vote in 1920, almost one hundred years ago and we are still not completely equal to man. Work to improve our education system nation-wide in order to allow more people to receive a full education. Ensure that future generations have vast opportunities to utilize their talents and abilities for the betterment of the United States as well as around the world. Take steps to make sure that every person feels safe in their home, school, or workplace. Most of all, I ask that you do all in your power to make the United States the country our founders dreamt it would be, the country I hope it can become.

Respectfully yours,