Julian M. Louisiana

How a letter can stop Gun violence

In this letter I speak about how I believe that anyone can change a whole country starting in their own community. Specifically, gun violence.

Dear Next President,

Why are so many lives taken by brutal acts of violence? Is it because everyone is just cruel, or do we also contribute by giving them the ammunition they need. Gun violence is very common in many places, especially in communities in the South and in lesser privileged communities of the United States. It is the act of committing violent crimes or even taking someone’s life, with a gun.

As a person myself, I believe this situation is not beyond or above any normal American citizen to make a change in. I believe that if we were, all in our separate communities make a program or any kind of movement, we could make a difference nationwide. I also believe that gun violence occurs because young adults don’t have other things in their community to entertain them and keep them out of trouble. So if we were also to make sure that the children in our community were occupied at almost all times with things like an organized sport, a band/ orchestra, or even just a club meeting, this would also bring gun violence rates down.

I believe that anyone can change the country with just a simple letter because, it has been done before. For instance, there have been many laws passed that were written by regular Americans, meaning that if I were to propose a law in this letter and the president got a hold of it, it could become an actual law and if it was a good law that affected the country in a great way, then a young man in 9th grade just changed the whole country.

Furthermore, according to the text, “Gun control in America” and the constitution itself, it states that all Americans have the right to bear arms meaning we have to right to have a gun. Unfortunately, some people abused this right and used it as reason to harm others, or even take their lives.Therefore, this right has been discussed and some believe it must be taken away for the sake of the safety of others . For instance, the law passed called “Stop and Frisk” affected the country, but not in a great way. Mainly because this law allowed police officers to stop anyone they thought was suspicious which eventually lead to a lot of African Americans and Latinos being stopped because of their skin color. So basically this law just furthered racism in the country, which is why it was removed.

In conclusion, I've realized that if we were to start doing a lot of things mentioned in this letter, America could be a better place than it already is. I’ve also come to the conclusion that guns in this country are pointless and they should not be sold legally or sold at all because all they do is take lives and hurt people or even animals, therefore, if we want all violence to stop, we have to stop it from the root.

Sincerely, J.M.