Jenae' Singleton Louisiana

Time to be Equals

Dear Hillary Clinton,

 Hello, I write to today about a problem that has many people re-thinking about how to live their lives and second guessing chooses that I'm sure would benefit them and their partner.

 I'm concerned about the inequality that has plagued our nation. I want to know if you can stop this unfair treatment to those who have done nothing to deserve such misfortune. One of the groups that I believe are being put down the most are gays and lesbians. These people are being bad mouthed and beat up all because that want love from that of the same-sex. I can tell that both you and me see this as disgusting for people who can't help being who they are and is belittled for it.

 Also, those who see their love as a sin shouldn't talk about God when they are doing that of which he does not want. I've read online that their was a man that got pregnant and gave birth to three children that grew up to be wonderful people. Here is a picture of what people didn't believe could happen if to males got together. So, I write to telling you that I want these crimes to be put to an end and same-sex couples living their lives happy and without problem from those who see their love as a sin.


Jenae' Singleton

Delta Charter School

DCS US History

Delta Charter School U.S. History classes

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