Richie New Jersey

Racism is a Problem

Racism needs to be solved or this country will go downhill.

Dear future president,

` There are many issues in America one big issue being racial discrimination against people. If you don’t believe it here are some fact to enlighten the subject, most black people believe that lots of other black people die from white cops and white males and females and while this is somewhat true most black people get killed from other black people. Americans are more likely to think racism is more of a problem than it was 20 years ago, an overall 49% of Americans to be exact. People that can’t or couldn’t see this as a growing problem are either very ignorant or very naive to begin with with. So those were just some facts and examples about racial discrimination for the president.

If you actually read that than here are some examples of what you can actually do because knowing who the next president is you’re going to need help . Some solutions to these problems are that you need to check the cops mental health and limited the amount of police brutality and do checks on them. The ones that do get hurt you can give them money and put the cops in prison because the cops don't have to hurt black people and for black people killing black people you should try to make peace between them and all races, one way to do so would be try to explain to them that you are trying your best and tell cops to be more respectful and they should be respectful as in equal respect for both of them and the cops who don't listen fire them because if people can just simply understand to not be ignorant and make peace then in all actuality America has achieved nothing. To put it easier there are so much I can tell you and you won't be able to do all of them so the key points I'm going to tell you are that to stop racism you need people to stop being so ignorant and actually care and do something about it and try to tell people that in America everyone is equal no matter the race or religion or gender everyone can do the same or be the same. People also tend to forget not everyone gets equal share in money so to fix that just do checks on who's earning more money and who shouldn't be earning more money it will take long for sure but in the end its to help end racism and put equality on the United States of America.So future president are you going to do something about racism or let just slide and not try to do anything.