Taylor S.

Foster Care System

This letter focuses on the problems in the US Foster Care System.

Dear Future President,

The United States Foster Care System has lost its ability to care for children in the correct manner and operate in a successful way. The first problem within the system is the lack of security and protection of the children in the system. When children are taken from their families, often times, other relatives or care givers in that child’s life are not contacted. Then, the children are either placed in a group home or foster family for living quarters. In group homes, the quality of security and safe living is decreased. This is where many children end up abused or assaulted while living under the same roof with other children going through hard times. Also, children can be placed in foster homes without thorough background checks of that family or person. Here, children in the foster system can be abused or treated like less than they are worth.

People sign up to be a foster parent in order to help children who have experienced the ultimate form of loss, but there are a few who become a foster parent just to receive money from the government. This corrupt process puts the child in harm’s way because the person does not have that child’s best interest at heart; they are just focused on a check from the government for their services. This is unacceptable because the children are at higher risk for physical abuses and lead to substance abuse and addiction for diminished outlook on life and of oneself.

Another addition to the negativity of the foster system is the funding received and the reputation it holds. Many people hold assumptions that children in the foster system are led on a path such as juvenile detention or addiction of certain caliber. A study was done in California in June of 2008, and fourteen percent of children in juvenile detention came from the foster system. This number could by lowered to an even smaller fraction if the proper steps are taken to provide the right environment for the children to grow in. These children would be able to remain on a solid life path and become a successful US citizen by being given the same opportunities they truly deserve.


Taylor S.