Esmeralda Minnesota

Dear, Next President

This letter is to inform the next president about what problems there are in society -equal pay for women

Dear, Next President

Congratulations on winning the election. I think that we are at the time where everything is changing like you being elected president for example, Conflicts between society’s , the environment. But one thing that isn’t brought up as much is gender equality and you may start thinking back and you realize that it’s true. You don’t see it in the news or on social media why? well because it won’t get as many views, Likes, shares, comments like other conflicts. My topic that i have choosen is gender equality. I wanted to choose something that i would be able to connect to also something that could affect me in the future just because i am a female. Some things that can be done to end this inequality between the males and females, is making laws and actually passing them to make them official, Channing the way social media thinks of women, not limiting women to not do a certain thing just because it seems too masculine and it wouldn’t be ladylike to do it. Stop putting women in boxes. We need to stop how society thinks about women everyone thinks men and women have the same rights well not as equal as everyone thinks.

A large percentage of women are paid a lot less than their male co-workers even if the women has been working at the same thing longer. According to a 2016 New York times article “A Push for Gender Equality at the Davos World Economic Forum, and Beyond” by Alexandra Stevenson, “There is no job women cannot do. This is not a talent deficit, it’s an opportunity deficit and a matter of cultural insensitivity.” This is a important quote because it explains what i want people to realise that there is no difference between male and females.That it’s all stereotyping,It’s all in our minds. Pretty much saying any job that a guy can do a women can do it just the same with no difficulty. According to a 2016 Wall Street Journal article “Women in Elite Jobs Face Stubborn Pay Gap” by Janet Adamy and Paul Overberg, “A Wall Street Journal examination of pay in 446 major occupations found that women in many elite jobs earn well below men, with professions such as doctors, compensation managers and personal financial advisers among those showing the widest earnings gaps” This shows that even if a female graduates to becoming someone powerful in society there still gonna be paid less than a male doing the same job in the same position. This is one of the main reasons why i decided to do this topic about gender equality because females have, to end up working twice as hard by working more hours just to get the same amount on their paycheck. Before i didn’t know that in some the elite jobs with a university diploma that a female wage can be up to 50% lower than a males and rarely their 10% of difference between the job wages of males and females.

In another article i found similar information about it being talked about to actually becoming a law. According to a U.S Equal opportunity commision. “ The equal rights amendment had passed in congress but it needed 38 states to ratify the amendment by 1982.” There are many amendments that were in line to granting it to becoming laws. Another law that was in U.S Equal opportunity commision that is important for us to know about is “The Equal Pay Act of 1963”. which is pretty much says that one should pay their employees based on skills, responsibility, and the quality of the work not in the gender of the employee. Which is what it should be, it would make everyone work twice as hard because it makes everyone have a chance of raising their wage if they improve their work and their skills.

I Think that this topic is important because it does affect the female population. Mr. President it would be great for you to do something about it like passing a law and some other countries would follow. It shows that a female graduates from a university that there still gonna get a lower wage even if their working somewhere elite, which isn’t right because they worked just as hard to get where they are know. It should become a global law where no matter where they are working that the wage should be equal, it should depend on how they do their job not how they were born to. Hope that you as our president can change a little of how the world is. Thank you for your time.

Sincerely, Esmeralda

10th grade


Henry Sibley High School


American Literature

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