Michael B. Louisiana

Poverty in America

Poverty is getting out of hand and if our government continues to do nothing about it our country will downfall.

Dear, Future President

            America is the greatest country on all of planet earth, but in no means are we perfect. We have tons of issues that often get looked over as not a big deal, one of these issues is poverty. Poverty affects a ton of places around the country, including where many of my classmates and I live, Ferriday. You may be thinking that i'm over reacting, but trust me, it's really bad here. 

The amount of poverty in Ferriday, Louisiana is nothing but saddening. Our roads need fixing, our buildings need to be repaired, and our water is dirtier than dirt and I'm sure we aren't the only town like this. If our government continues to let poverty grow it's eventually going to be everywhere. Therefore, I am going to propose a solution, we need a organization that goes around the country and cures some of the towns from massive amounts of poverty. There should be multiple groups located in the north, south, east, west, and middle our country so we can do this at a efficient rate. I hope you take this into consideration, this isn't the brightest idea, but maybe it will give you some light bulbs.

In summary, poverty is getting out of control in America and something has to be done about it. Therefore, I proposed a organization that travels around the U.S. and rids towns of poverty. If nothing is done our country will eventually all be poverty and it will be the downfall.

Sincerely, Michael brown

Delta Charter School

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