Ayanni G. New York

Discrimination in the United States

The Discrimination affecting our country needs to be discussed so that an action plan to combat discrimination can be establisheed.

Dear President,

Coming into office you must be aware of the issues within this country, that I surely hope you are prepared to attend to. Discrimination is just one of the many problems affecting our country. Discrimination has been a detrimental factor that has been harboring over our country for a long time now.  It can be detected within the workforce, schools, and even the criminal justice system. As the president of the United States, you need to instill in this country that discrimination is one of the factors we will refuse to tolerate. The act of racism should be taught to be non-existent. We need to be a country that stands together and builds each other up instead of tearing each other down. We cannot do that if it is not instilled when we are young. We have to make sure our upcoming generations are able to make the country for better, not worse. This country was build upon the idea that slavery was okay, that the lower should work for the higher in order to ‘get by.’ That is no longer acceptable and as a President you need to make sure it is fair for each and every one of us all across the country.  The only way you will be of any help to America is to turn the nation into something it never has truly been before:  whole. We are such a diverse country yet we have it built it so that we separated by race, culture, religion, and skin tone and that should not be the case. People are not able to get jobs or go to school because of the discriminatory wall that has been put up in our country and the police brutality that appears to be the new trend. All of this has to be put to an end. America was never great so you will not be able to make it great again until you make it a place where our future generations will flourish. As a nation we must be able to be one while still being our individual selves. With you as our new president, you must be able to  make America ready for a change, a necessary change in which we all can be accepted as equal yet distinct.

With all due respect,