Cameron L. Connecticut

College Tuition Is Too Expensive

This letter exlpains the problems with college tuition and includes why is needs to be less expensive.

Dear Future President,

I am Cameron Lynch a student at Staples High School in Westport, Connecticut. As one of many future voters, I am here today to inform you about an issue that needs to be dealt with. College tuition has made it incredibly tough for less fortunate teenagers to go to college. A lot of kids who want to go to college do not get the opportunity to because they are not financially fortunate. And being a kid in high school I can not help but feel concerned about this issue. With college tuition increasing by 31.5% per year since 1980, clearly something needs to be done.

With the average annual income being about $52,000 college is just not affordable. Smart kids who have a poor financial background are not able to thrive after their years of high school because they did not have the opportunity to get a college degree. One source says, “Tuition costs have risen by 945 percent since 1980, with a four-year education now amounting to nearly a quarter-million dollars at some universities” ( It is concerning how much the cost for college has gone up in the past 30 years. Given that the average annual income is $52,000 and some universities are charging $250,000 for a four year education, the average family would have to save up for about 5 years to just send 1 kid to college. And further research proves that the average family has 2 kids. As a result, the average family would have to save up for 10 to send their kids to college, this does not even include taxes, food, and other necessities.

Now Hilary, you attended Wellesley College. Even though you came from a middle-class family with average means, you were able to attend this college. You were able to pursue your educational goals, likely without a financial burden. The rising cost of tuition prevents many children from a background similar to yours from pursuing their educational dreams. Your educational policy, according to your website, includes such things as free tuition for 4 year public colleges and universities for in-state students whose families earn less than $85,000 per year, free tuition at all community colleges, lower interest rates when you borrow money to pay for college for people that have already borrowed money to pay for college, and there will be debt relief so you don't have to pay back so much money. I think these changes are excellent ideas toward making college more affordable, especially for those coming from average income families.

Now Donald, you attended Fordham University. Knowing you came from an affluent background, college tuition was likely not a struggle for you and your family to afford. I have no doubt you are aware of the colossal increase in college tuition since you went to school and the stress this causes for people of my age and their families. You have not said much about what your plan is to help students pay for college. I think it would be helpful if you could come up with a more concrete plan to help teens and families afford to pay college tuition. If you do this then more kids can achieve their academics which will better our country, and truly make america...great again.

The cost of college is outrageous. Something needs to be done so that all american youth, not just the wealthy, can pursue their academic goals. If this is done out country will be off because the population will be more educated and have less debt. There are several steps that must be taken in order to lower the price of college tuition. There are various steps that can be taken, however the end result must include a lower and more affordable college tuition.




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