Glen R. Connecticut

Gun violence

There is a lot of gun violence and deaths in America and we need to fix it.

 I am Glen, a Greenwich High school student and I believe as your new job as president you should address the Gun Violence. In the United States we have been having a lot of Gun Violence problems in almost every state, and I believe as you being president you can change that. I believe we should address this problem because many people don't know how powerful a gun is. Although most people believe we should allow guns to people only registered . I also believe we should take their guns as well because there's a lot of people with registered weapons killing as well such as police officers.

Using numbers from the “Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.” Statistics show that from 2001 to 2013, Over 400,000 people died by firearms on U.S. soil. This a fact that guns are being used in the wrong way and should be stopped. I believe that we should take a stand in America and fix this problem we don’t deserve to let people die. We should also have our military prevent terrorist from evading our land. According to the United States Department, the number of United State citizens were killed as a result of incidents of terrorism from 2001 to 2013 was 3,380. As president I believe you should make better gun laws.

You should make it harder for people to have a gun license, that way you can slow down the guns being distributed. You should also check where the illegal guns are coming from and stop them from being sold. I believe as our president you can make lots of changes and prevent some deaths on U.S. soil and we could have a safe and free country. The reason the gun law is such an important task you should fix is because the death rates are going up because of it . Also you should prevent attacks on U.S. soil.  

Greenwich High School

English Lit and Comp 3

Eng Lit and Comp 3

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