Noah K. Connecticut

LGBT and Equal Rights

LGBT Rights are being discussed in different manners and both candidates have different views on this opinion, so read my letter to find out why they have the points of view and what caused them to have it!

Dear Candidates, 

My name is Noah Kanfer, I am a sophomore at Staples High School located in Westport, CT. In my U.S. History class, we have been researching different issues that have been addressed as part of the Presidential campaign. For me, the issue of equal rights LGBT citizens is an area that the candidates greatly differ. I recognize that based on your backgrounds and political priorities, your views would differ from one another. I think Mrs. Clinton’s commentary and views has supported the LGBT community, more so than Mr. Trump.

Mrs. Clinton has had a long career advocating for people who don’t have the same rights as others, this has led to her ability to take a stand on a controversial issue like the rights of LGBT citizens. When Clinton was young, her minister, Don Jones took her to see Martin Luther King speak. Clinton’s friend noted what an impression Martin Luther King made on Hillary. In particular, the fact there was still slavery and segregation in a nation founded on the principal all men are created equal. When MLK was killed, Clinton said the her roommate, “I can’t stand it anymore! They’ve killed him.” I think this inspired her advocacy for others.

Today, Clinton has taken this idea the MLK has imprinted upon her and extended it to the LGBT community. For example, Clinton declared on the global stage that, “gay rights are human rights, and human rights are gay rights.”

I think Clinton’s persistence and fortitude to accomplish goals helped motivate her to try and remedy the lack of right for the LGBT community. As her friend Gail said the Frontline, “When things don’t go right, you just get up every morning, you put one foot in front of the other, you get through your day, you do the best you can, and you just keep moving forward until it gets easier. And she’s done that all her life.” As a result, Clinton is able to be relentless in her attempt to give the LGBT community equal rights.

Conversely, Mr. Trump’s career has been more about serving him rather than others. Trump’s background differs greatly from Clinton’s. He was brought up wealthy, privilege and ignorant of other people’s rights, despite the fact he lived in New York City, where there is great diversity.

The early death of Trump’s brother Freddy had a major impact on Trump’s view of himself in the future. Trump wanted to be the opposite of Freddy, making him motivated to succeed at all costs, in order to impress his father. Even though his family was wealthy, Trump was still considered an outsider, making him incredibly self-conscious. As a result, Trump can only focus on himself, and not on others.

Trump hires Roy Cohn, a notorious New York lawyer, to defend him when Trump was, “Sued by the federal government for discriminating against black renters looking for apartments in their buildings.” Cohn fuels Trump’s idea that he has to be someone big in New York and increases Trump’s focus on himself.

Its hard to imagine the Trump would advocate for equal rights for the LGBT community when, “The lawsuit revealed that Trump agents allegedly were writing down C for colored or Number 9 to indicate a black prospective tenant, and those people were often turned away.” Consequently, Trump’s comments about supporting LGBT rights are limited and contradictory. So much so that, “Mainstream gay rights groups are denouncing the New York billionaire, arguing that tolerance for one minority group doesn’t excuse prejudice toward others.”

In conclusion, Clinton’s understanding of the LGBT community and their suffering gives her a unique perspective to undertake the task of giving them equal rights. While, Mr. Trump was so focused on himself, he didn’t pay attention to the people’s rights he trampled when he built he real estate empire.


Noah K.

Staples High School


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