Ben Michigan

The Effects of the Cost of College

Dear Future President of the United States, The costs of college severely affects the way students view their potential education coming from their senior year of high school. These children come out of public school wanting a higher form of education, but get hit with so many costs that it makes it very hard to receive the benefits of going to college. The U.S. has the highest college tuition cost of any country in the world! This averages out to about $30,000 per person. This high amount discourages young teens from going to college and receiving higher education. Students who attend college also make more salary a year than students who don’t. This can average out to around $7,000 to $30,000 more than having just a highschool diploma. While scholarships do help with these costs, many hard working students do not meet the requirements of these and still have to get hit with the extremely high costs. While many say this is evened out by the extra money you get paid when you're through with college, that isn't necessarily the case considering the timely payments and upfront costs that can really hurt many students financially. This favors the richer and leaves out the middle class and poorer population. Furthermore, more people in the lower class believe that college is out of their reach due to money. This limits them to what can be done because they are unavailable to have more opportunities. This shows the government's biased towards having richer people being more successful just because they could pay their way through school. This puts a huge burden on the poorer population that wants to pursue higher forms of education to have a successful life and career, as they see it as a wall that cannot be climbed. While you can get student loans they still have to be paid and in the end it still takes a huge chunk out of the student's financial budget. This is the time in our lives that sets a course for our future, and I don't think it's fair to dis-include anybody that may have great potential in today’s world. Every teen has a say in what they want to become in this world, I don't personally believe we should be forced to walk the path of failure if we don't meet certain requirements right of the bat. Teens should be given a chance to prove they will try hard and get good grades to allow them the potential to get a higher education and improve their standard of living. The government needs to include more education benefits to help its growing citizens secure more money and a higher perspective in life relating to their education. There are ways to help fix this problem in our society today, to allow all students a chance at higher education and a better easier life. Possibly the next president can sort out this issue and help kids who see their education as a necessity in life and want to be successful. In conclusion, I believe higher education should be more accessible to the people and not come with crippling financial costs that burden students today. Sincerely, Ben

Avondale High School

AP Lang

Rick Kreinbring's 2016-17 AP Language and Composition students

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