Samantha P. Connecticut

Going Pro-Choise

About how republicans should switch to pro-choice

Dear Mr. Trump,

I am Samantha Pacilio. A sophomore at Staples High School in Westport, Connecticut. Politics have never caught my interest, nor have I learned much about them. But, this past election has really kept me interested and attentive to the main topics that people are disagreeing between.

As you may know, abortion is a very controversial topic in the United States. I believe that being pro-choice is the way you should look at the abortion issue in the United States. Women should have the opportunity to decide whether they want to keep their baby or not. After all, it is their body and they should choose how they want to treat it.

Being pro choice is a very bad decision. Many women experience rape, or unwanted pregnancy, and they need to have the capability of being able to choose whether they keep their baby.

As a young girl, I’ve heard many stories about girls around my age being raped. No young girl should have to keep at random man's baby because it could bring them back to the horrible memories they went through during the experience, and you wouldn’t know the standard health of the baby considering the fact you don’t know the man.

If I was in that position, I would want the opportunity to make the decision to keep my baby or not. There are TV shows out there like 16 and pregnant where young girls have to raise a child on their own when they are still children. This shouldn’t be the case. They should be able to not have to raise a children because it’s not fair to the women who do not want to keep a stranger's baby or some guy from high schools baby. On, the abortion section shared that: 18% of U.S. women obtaining abortions are teenagers; those aged 15–17 obtain 6% of all abortions, teens aged 18–19 obtain 11%, and teens younger than age 15 obtain 0.4%. This is why being pro-life is not fair to women. Switching your campaign to being pro-choice would attract more of the female community of the United States because many women know someone or them personally have been involved in accidental pregnancy issues. So, by allowing abortions, women would be more attracted to your campaign.

I hope you rethink your decisions and jump on the pro-choice bandwagon. In case of an incident involving rape or accidental pregnancy women need to have the opportunity to choose to keep their baby. It is their body and they should control what goes on within it.

I hope you take this into consideration.


Samantha Pacilio

Staples High School


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