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Legacy Politics

How to take a realistic look at the state of our climate and how to address it in a realistic political view.

Dear Madam President,

Legacy is the only element of politics which truly matters. Whether the motives be of good moral standing or not, it is the legacy of a politician which matters most, to them and to the rest of the world. George W. Bush led America into a modern dark age, and since has lived as a recluse President; his name hurts his party, not help. Meanwhile, Franklin D. Roosevelt lives in the mind and heart of nearly all Americans whether they know it or not; in his government programs that he created, in his economic policies which saved America, or his foreign policy expertise which cemented America as the one true world power in World War Two and onwards - a societal mindset which is ingrained into every young mind of the western world. These are just two examples of the possible legacies which a politician may lead.

FDR and George W both faced similar circumstances; our country had been attacked in an unfathomable way. They had to face the daunting decision of what to do next, how to react. Roosevelt chose to face the adversity head on; defy the odds - at that time the likelihood that Germany, fascism, and an immoral outlook on humanity were on a path to victory was imminent. Roosevelt tackled the big banks wishing to profit off of the dire circumstances, and the generals who told him that their victory was not possible. Bush faced similar headwinds - a terrorist group on the rise and threatening the security and well being of the world. Rather than face this head on and unilaterally cooperate in the name of morality, Bush went for money and power and ended up being the biggest loser; sinking poll numbers and more.

So Madam President, what type of legacy will you leave? One in which the children of our future resent your decisions and your lack of action on climate change, or one in which you are lauded for putting our planet back on track to recovery and stability. The choice is yours.

Clarkston Community Schools

Eisele IB ELA 12


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