Anjelica S. Florida

Climate Change Awareness

Politicians tend to overlook the issue of Climate Change.

Dear Future President,

I am a resident of Miami, Florida, and I am writing due to the lack of climate change awareness.

As one of the most controversial issues presently, Climate Change has been overlooked by politicians and Americans in general. Instances such as presidential candidates brushing off the question of climate change and moving onto another subject deprives Americans from being informed about climate change and how climate change is affecting our environment. For example, American Energy Policy is viewed as “putting a lot of people out of work”. Or how for the past 20 years the rate of global sea-level rise has been 80% faster than the best estimate of the United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate change, and many Americans are ignorant to this. Politicians tend to perceive Climate change and our Energy Policy as an investment, rather than a necessity.

I agree that energy policies are expensive and Climate Change is difficult to understand, but climate change real, it is happening right now. The melting of icecaps, rising of sea-levels, air pollution, and Climate Change in general must not be overlooked by politicians, who have the power to practically think for us. We must raise awareness about climate change. In order to do so, the issue of our energy policy should not be looked at as an investment, it should be looked at as a necessity in order to protect humanity. Sending out one post a day on the effects of climate change and making the issue more common during debates, will greatly spread awareness and gather more citizens to get involved in their environment.Citizens can only hear our leaders voices through social media, meaning rather than politicians fighting with one another through social media, they have the power to inform Americans about climate change. 

I am writing to ask that you promote the awareness of Climate Change and the issues it comes with. Many Americans are ignorant to what Climate Change necessarily is due to the fact that politicians are overlooking it. By you sending out at least one post a say on Climate Change and it’s issues, as well as allowing for this topic to come up frequently in debates, this will spread awareness and hopefully one day, motivate this country to want to change their unsustainable lifestyles.


Anjelica Sanchez

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