Catherine S. Texas

Reduce Pollution

We need to work together as a community to stop the harm of pollution.

Dear President,

Pollution is a threat to our environment. Air, ocean, and soil pollution depends on environmental pollution. Environmental pollution is caused by humans. Humans have conveniences that are supposed to make life easier but is actually hurting themselves and everything around them. Global warming, ill people, and dead crops are effects of pollution. I think we should reduce the amount of pollution we are producing on a daily basis.

Factories, cars, and motorcycles cause air pollution and global warming. Factories produce chemicals that have high emissions. But without them people could lose jobs and we won't be able to have access to some goods. We could find a new way factories can run that would be safer for the earth. Cars produce high emissions too. According to conserve energy future, 28% of americans affected from pollution are because of vehicles. Taking public transport or carpooling can reduce the emissions but not enough.

Ocean pollution is a huge problem in our world. People thought that dumping everything in the ocean would be useful, because the ocean is so big and would barely affect anything. Whoever said that was dead wrong. According to over 1 million seabirds and 100,000 sea mammals are killed each year. Trash washes up on shore and effects our way of living as well. Oil, trash, and toxic waste contaminates most bodies of water on our earth. We need to stop the oil and toxic waste from entering the ocean. For the trash people need to stop littering and dispose of trash the right way. Composting could reduce landfills.

People believe that the people who get paid for picking up trash are the only ones who should pick up trash. If we all work together and pick up trash all around the world, we could save animals everyday. If we find a new way to power factories and cars, the air quality would be healthier and cleaner. Many don't care what we are doing to the earth, but we need to start caring.


Catherine S.