Aysia T. Michigan

Texting and Driving

Why texting and driving is so dangerous

Dear Mr. or Madam President,

I am sure that there are many major problems that remain in our patriotic country. There is most likely a lot on your mind as you enter office to serve as our Commander-in-Chief, but I want to tell you why texting and driving is so dangerous.

Texting and driving is dangerous because all it takes to take someone's life is a split second because you couldn't wait to respond to their text. Not only is it teens, it is adults also. According to to a 2009 study conducted by Mary Madden and Lee Rainie, 61% of all adults and 42% of teens have engaged in using their phones while driving. When you text and drive, it not only can affect you, it can affect so many others in the world. Even when you look down for only a second, that could put you in jail. You could run a red light and hit another car.

One of the many texting and driving victims, Olivia Neeley, tells her story. The driver typed the text and giggled with her two friends. She veered into another lane, hitting a car head on, turning the laughter into screams. They were severely injured. The two passengers were killed. The driver killed her two friends because that text couldn't wait. The evidence shows a real life experience that demonstrates why texting and driving is so dangerous.

I know there are many things that on your mind, but please take into consideration why texting and driving is so dangerous! I think that texting and driving should be illegal in all states. They should have a say whether they think it's wrong or not. There are many innocent people who lives that were taken because the drivers' messages couldn’t wait. Thank you for your time.



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