Suleyma V. California

We are slowly leading ourselves to our death.

Our environment is vital for humans for humans to continue living. However, with the way were treating it we slowly leading ourselves to our death.

Dear future president,

  My name is Suleyma and I am 15 year olds. A huge concern that I hold close to my heart and would love you to hear about is our current environmental state.   America needs more focus more attention is our environment. Our environment is slowly dying because we are not giving it the proper care and attention. This needs to change, our environment gives everything to survive but we do not give back to it instead we make it worse.

First, our environment has been around before humans have. When humans started inhabiting the environment and using it for our needs we did not think of the consequences that could happen after. This consequences will be long lasting. More attention needs to be given since humans depend on the environment for food and resources. Yet we dump our waste on it and dont treat it correctly like we should. If our environment dies so do we.

In addition, we have created so many environmental problems that could be changed if we start spreading awareness for this problem. Pollution and global warming are some of many problems that the environment faces. These problem should be a bigger concern because they can lead to bigger disasters. Global warming has been a major problem that nothing is done about. CO2 levels are increasing every year in the atmosphere and yet still no solution is made to try and change this. We are slowly letting all ourselves die. 

I myself am part of the environmental club in my school and have learned of all the issues that the  world is facing and how some of this problems are nearby in our local communities. We have a waste dump located near the houses in the valley always having a terrible stench when you pass by it. Also, our streets are always filled with trash, If you go to Burbank or anywhere  the streets are clean except Sun Valley. Our small community gets no help and is treated as a waste dump.  I always see trash fill our streets and this sincerely bothers me. More awareness needs to be given to our small community, we matter to.

Please future president create more awareness of this problem so people can be aware and realize how important it is. We only have one world yet we treat as if we have 10 more to spare. People need to realize just how important of a problem this is.  Help our small community  and give it more attention. We face many problems and just one step of cleaning our streets can help a lot. Not just in our community but across the state our environment condition needs to be known. How it is slowly dying due to our selfish needs, so please help the environment future president. 


Suleyma Villa 

John Henry Francis Polytechnic High School

Honors English 10 B / Period 3

Sophomore English class in the magnet program of John H. Francis Polytechnic High School in Sun Valley, California.

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