Anisa S. California

Climate Change

Why aren't we doing anything to fix it? Renewable energy should be far more common than it is now.

Dear Future President,

Climate change is our responsibility, so why aren’t we doing anything to prevent further damage? Global warming is more than a statistic or a bar graph, it’s an issue that’s killing our planet as we speak. What the U.S. needs in a president is someone who will be an advocate making changes for the better. Making those changes to save our planet should be a priority. 

There are more species going extinct now than ever, and it’s all linked to global warming. Along with that, we should start taking notice of the alarming rate the worlds glaciers are melting, threatening both people and wildlife in the region. These melting glaciers also raise sea levels an estimated four feet higher by 2100. It’s hard to imagine a world in the future without the largest coastal cities such as Sydney, Mumbai, and Los Angeles, but climate change is real, and has been going on for quite some time.

What we need to be doing is reducing the amount of greenhouse gasses we emit. They're destroying our atmosphere that normally keeps the planets temperature from rising. There's no way we can take back all the damage already caused, but renewable energy could be the key to preventing and significantly slowing the affects of climate change. Clean energy sources such as nuclear power, geothermal energy, biomass, among many others, are very controversial but less harmful than burning coal. For example, nuclear energy is much safer than most people think, because the word nuclear is often associated with weapons. People need to be educated about the many options for power besides coal before any change can happen. 

Global warming affects not only endangered species and glaciers, but also every living thing on this planet, their futures, and everything that will live on this planet long after us. We all should've been taking action a long time ago, and the planet will have to pay the consequences for that. However, we can start to make changes for the better and not worse.  Lets's say goodbye to coal, take responsibility, and start taking care of our planet with renewable energy.