Iyla M. Michigan

Women's Rights to Self-Determination

This letter addresses the faults of prohibiting abortion and how it would negatively affect our nation; regarding safety concerns, women's autonomy, and constitutional concerns.

28 October 2016

Iyla Miller
Clarkston, Michigan 48346

1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW
Washington, DC 20500

Dear Mr/Ms. Future President of the United States of America;

There are many reasons why taking away the legality of abortions would harm our country. Making abortions illegal will not create any better situations; in fact, it might make many of them worse. However, the argument against abortion revolves around the belief that a woman has no say or control over her own body. Ultimately this is an unhealthy way of thinking; a way that stems from the ignorance and egotism projected by the male dominated social system in which America is submerged. Each individual’s personal and/or religious views are extraneous to the point, as a woman (or man) has the right to do as they wish to their own self. To push those personal beliefs on others not only invalidates opposing ideas, but inhibits our constitutional freedoms as Americans, and is a behavioral issue that needs to stop.

If abortion is stripped of it's legality, it would be a hideously large step back from the path of progression. One major reason behind that is from the fact that no matter how taboo something can be, there will always be ongoing occurrences. The need of women to withdraw from the path to motherhood will never cease, and thus this medical procedure will take place despite the law. However, if abortion becomes illegal, it will simultaneously become exceedingly dangerous. The safety precautions that professionals must follow will no longer exist, and women who undergo this medical procedure will get infections, anemia, and/or die. America has already passed this point in history. Within recent years, 68,000 women are killed annually from unsafe abortions, and is now one of the leading reasons for maternal mortality (with an appalling total 13%). However, during the 1800’s this was at a heightened 30% due to the unsafe environment of the surgical procedure. As President of the United States, it is part of your duty to carefully consider the health, wellness, and lives of the women residing in your nation, as their lives are equally pertinent to those of any other resident.

The “controversy” encircling this topic does not end at abortion - it continues on to accentuate the stigma placed around anything regarding women holding an equal position to men, having a form of control, or making important decisions. The majority of the Pro-Life campaign is not only fighting for the rights of the clump of cells that forms into a humanoid inside the womb over those of the mother, but is fighting for the mother to lose her voice, her power, her basic rights. Rather than Pro-Life, a better title would be “Anti-Choice”. The opposition to this would be the Pro-Choice movement, which appeals to both those who believe that abortion is murder and those who believe it is not. What connects these contrary ends of the spectrum is not the concrete beliefs themselves, but the shared ideology that what each individual person interprets the situation as is not as important as allowing one (male or female) to do what is best for themselves. Ultimately, it is always the mother's final word that is executed, and is the say that matters - despite how legal or “moral” (which is a very subjective term) the action is. However, the ignorance that is accentuated by the lack of understanding and compassion for women in inhumane situations ultimately elucidates the egotism projected by the patriarchal system that America lays its foundation on. This egotism is what pushes many men to place themselves on a higher pedestal than women, and it is the same egotism that convinces many women to eradicate the pedestal of equal height they should be standing on. It is manipulative, insidious, and discreet. In order for America to truly begin on the path of progression, we must realize our faults as a society and strive for augmentation.

A major job that an effective President must adhere to is the maintenance and preservation of the fundamental American liberties as outlined in the honored Bill of Rights. The first amendment outlines the idea of free speech, through the statement: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press, or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances”. By allowing abortion to remain legal, nothing is prohibited. People gain the opportunity to express their personal beliefs or not; they gain the right to do as they wish with their own body. However, if abortion becomes illegal, Congress will be making a law that conflicts with this amendment. Some religious beliefs will be favored, as others will be silenced. Displaying one's opinion will become socially (and politically) taboo. Another form of contradiction to the Bill of Rights lies in forcing one's opinion onto others. This limits the amount of public expression and constitutional right that Americans hold so dear. If we, as both the land of the free and it's leader, abolish these basic liberties, are we no better than those who applaud the fall of democracy?

To conclude my thoughts, I sincerely hope you acknowledge my advice and maintain the legal position that abortion currently holds. Not only will our daily lives enhance, but we could take another step towards a near-perfect world. Mortality rates would dramatically decrease, Americans reputation as the land of opportunities and freedom will persevere, and basic human rights will begin to be fulfilled. Along this path to a healthier and stronger society, we may also unearth the true American dream. The dream that binds us together, rather than tears us apart. The dream that encourages the enrichment of the populace and the promotion of freedom. That is the goal that we, as a country, should set - and be the goal established by the President of not only the country we are, but the one we will become.

Thank you graciously for your time and consideration,

Iyla Miller
Clarkston, Michigan

Clarkston Community Schools

Eisele IB ELA 12


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