Laurence L. New York

Immigration policy and struggle

Immigration policy improvements and border security, and accepting immigrants will make our country stronger.

Dear President of the United States,

I am an immigrant from China to the U.S., living in New York City. Today I want to write to you, dear President, because I learned something about the United States election, and it also connects to an important immigration issue. In the United States presidential election, I have learned some of your thoughts. So I want to talk about the immigrant’s life and illegal immigration from the northern part of Central America and Mexico to United States and their living conditions.

Many people without permission are sneaking into the United States. The majority of undocumented immigrants are refugees, and most people are refugees of war, or poor life, so they choose illegal immigration, and leave their homes. Not only that what you know, but many smaller than 12 years age children also have become illegal immigrants. According to what is described in the article, most of the illegal immigrant children are not accompanied by adults. This situation has not only not diminished but continues to increase. President Obama introduced a new bill (government plan), and this plan was called “Deferred Action for Parents of Americans”, referred to as DAPA. This plan content is help most undocumented immigrants live more easily in the United States for the job, the life. But a lot of people are against this plan and also have many people support this plan. Their dispute is not without reason, many people came to the United States illegally or their visas have expired. The loopholes in the immigration laws have brought many criminals to the United States. So this has led to immigration law weakness and the discontent of many people. This is an important problem in our society , and it involves a lot of serious problems and hidden dangers.

As what you see, in every minute and every moment, immigration has never stopped. Every immigrant chased their way and the future to the United States. They are not beginning to want to come to the United States, and they are not because that the powerful of the U.S, so to want coming to the United States, that is because their homes were destroyed and invaded, and they could not live in peace in their own country anymore. This is something that every one of our capable countries should do and the only way to solve the US "immigration tide."


Laurence Long


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Brooklyn International High School

BIHS Seniors 2016-17

Brooklyn International High School, in New York City, is a public school for recent immigrants to the U.S.

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